Volumetric Video Workflow


Volumetric Video Workflow

VVOW is a cooperation of the Fraunhofer HHI department "Vision & Imaging Technologies", Trotzkind GmbH and reallifefilm international GmbH. The aim of this project is a new 3D reconstruction and modelling method for real people based on a multi-camera recording system. The new system will be used for future film productions, walk-in entertainment and infotainment experiences.

VVOW is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


  • Development of a marketable recording and production system for the integration of real recorded content into virtual reality (VR) applications
  • Evaluation and further development of the production process based on test productions


  • The integration of real content into virtual and augmented reality applications is only possible to a limited extent with classic technologies today
  • Virtual characters have limited realism with regard to the realistic reproduction of facial expressions and movement details in clothing
  • Innovative 3D reconstruction and modelling method for real people based on a multi-camera imaging system allows a lifelike 3D representation of people


  • Set-up of a multi-camera recording system with up to 32 cameras
  • Development of methods for temporal stabilization of dynamic 3D models
  • Development of mesh reduction and smoothing techniques
  • Development of plug-ins for commercial 3D post-production tools for efficient post-processing of 3D meshes


Fraunhofer HHI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute (HHI), in Berlin is a leading research institute in the fields of mobile broadband communications, photonic networks, electronic imaging and multimedia. It is one out of 60 institutes within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft that undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise and of wide benefit to society. The Vision & Imaging Technologies department (VIT) has a long experience in signal, image, and video processing. About 35 researchers in 20 research projects are working in fields related to multi-media and cover the whole chain including capture, analysis, coding, streaming, interaction and visualisation of 2D and 3D content. In particular, the VIT department has long lasting experience in 2D and 3D panoramic 360 video and related processing like stitching and rendering, with a special focus on high-quality mirror-based omnidirectional video acquisition. Moreover, the department has a leading position in multi-view capture and 3D video processing. The recently developed approach for 3D human body reconstruction (HBR), a special form of volumetric video, has been recognized by international media production companies and will be further developed towards a professional workflow, also with support of the “VVOW” project.


Trotzkind GmbH is a Berlin based content and technology provider for immersive medias like VR, AR, 360° video, games, films and interactive installations. Their client’s industries range from the entertainment industry to business applications, from medical solutions to architectural designs, from software development to creating a great IP. Trotzkind’s strong focus on digital storytelling combines the emotional depths of films with the interactivity and choices from games. That is why Trotzkind developed cutting-edge technologies ranging from photorealistic reconstructions of objects and 3D-filmed people to their own implementation of VR multiplayer with physics for real-time engines. In 2016 Trotzkind was developing a prototype for a Chinese VR arcade company to explore the planet Mars together with your friends. In May 2017 Trotzkind opened HUXLEY® Berlin - a location based Multiuser VR Experience where you meet a cool AI and save the world in 44 minutes. HUXLEY® is one of the first VR Escape Rooms worldwide and is open for license.

reallifefilm international

reallifefilm international GmbH specializes in the production and post-production of immersive film projects as well as the research, development and distribution of specialized technologies. RLF's expertise lies in the field of visual and stereoscopic storytelling (S3D), the realisation of large-format images, 180° to 360° panorama projects and content for virtual reality devices. The spectrum of services ranges from entertainment formats such as feature films, documentaries, commercials or live content to know-how transfer to institutions and companies. Through many years of collaboration and cooperation with various research institutes (e. g. Fraunhofer HHI and Fraunhofer IIS) the RLF has gained a special reference in the field of research and development of technologies. A further core business of the company is the distribution and sale of technologies from its own development as well as from partnerships. In addition, the RLF also acts as a sales partner for technologies from the EU, Asia and the USA.